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Building better meetings

Our new series of 'On-Air' events are straight talking, no 'BS' live events that focus on answering questions (or saying we don't know), exploring how to have more effective meetings and explaining the difference that LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® can make when professionally facilitated.

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Three kinds of On-Air
We're going to give three kinds of On-Air event

The Uninitiated Series

These events are unscripted, 'ask me anything' conversations for people brand new to LEGO Serious Play.

The Community Series

These events are intended for people who already know about or use LEGO Serious Play. We aim to share best practice tips and exchange knowledge

The Focussed Issue Series

These events focus on specific issues for groups with common interests.

LSP training goes online

We broke a few boundaries with this work
Even before COVID-19, environmental pressures were asking how remote teams could work together online without the carbon costs of travel.

We have pioneered the first techniques to enable remote teams to use LEGO Serious Play into shared model building (AT2).

We are happy to share these ideas with
new LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators and any trained in the original face-to-face techniques.
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