LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitator Training
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitation Training and Certification
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitation Training and Certification


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator Training

We give you confidence and skills to design & facilitate workshops that create outcomes

We'll help you learn how to facilitate. You can buy the books we have written or take a class online or face-to-face.

Google founders Sergy Brin and Larry Page founders didn't invent the internet, that honour goes to Tim Berners-Lee, but Google made the web
much better. We didn't invent LEGO® Serious Play®, but like Google we have made it much better to use and learn.

Full level and right level LEGO® Serious Play® facilitation training. Our practice based training enables you enhance communication and create outcomes using LEGO® Serious Play®. We are the only trainers who have written three, five star rated books on the subject and we're the pioneers of #onlineLSP.

Our books

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You know about LEGO Serious Play and want to know more. We have books for every level.

SERIOUSWORK is a how-to book for beginners. It helps you facilitate simple workshops and has 5 detailed plans. MASTERING gives you 44 techniques to deliver professional workshops and ONLINE shows trained facilitators how to facilitate online (and F2F) in COVID safe ways.

Facilitation training

LEGO Serious Play Online
You want be a Certified Facilitator of successful LEGO Serious Play workshops.

Our training is unique. We deliver practice-based classes and we bring the ideas in our books to life. We give you the skills and confidence to use LEGO Serious Play in different workshop settings right after training. Yes, you can learn to facilitate LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Online too.

Advanced training

LEGO Serious Play Facilitation Training
You want to learn to facilitate multi-day workshops using Build Level 3: System Models

Advanced training teaches you to design and facilitate complex system model workshops. We give you templates and tools to use the method to help small groups think systemically about the challenges they face. Note, this is a face-to-face only training at the moment.

Benefits of the LEGO Serious Play method

New to all this? Wondering what LEGO Serious Play is?
This brief video explains some of the benefits of the LEGO Serious Play method at the simple build levels.

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Read numerous case studies of the LEGO Serious Play method used in a wide range of applications at ProMeet's website.

See our bookshelf

We think our books are best read as a double page spread format. You can download a zip file that contains each book as a high resolution PDF, in double page and single page spread versions also as an ePub file. Note. Please download your file on a computer (NOT a mobile phone or tablet).

Digital Bundle

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254 full colour pages - 87Mb.
This bundle contains three files: You'll download SERIOUSWORK as single and double page high resolution PDFs and an ePub.



Digital Bundle

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180 full colour pages - 110Mb.
This bundle contains three files: You'll download MASTERING as single and double page high resolution PDFs and an ePub.



Digital Bundle

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194 full colour pages - 100Mb.
This bundle contains three files: You'll download MASTERING as single and double page high resolution PDFs and an ePub.



Digital Bundle

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628 full colour pages 303Mb.
A nine file bundle: You'll download SERIOUSWORK, MASTERING & ONLINE as single & double page high res PDFs & ePubs.



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