How to Facilitate LEGO Serious Play Online
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How to FacilitateLEGO® Serious Play® ONLINE

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How to facilitate the LEGO® Serious Play® method ONLINE
New techniques for COVID safe shared model building online and face-to-face
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How to facilitate LEGO Serious Play Online
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In 2020 face-to-face things went online. From cookery classes to astronaut training, from yoga to woodwork.

LEGO Serious Play also went online and we wrote the book 'How to Facilitate the LEGO Serious Play Method ONLINE' to go with our
online classes. It's a 194 page full colour book to help LEGO Serious Play facilitators plan and deliver professional ONLINE workshops. We've created brand new techniques for shared model building online, that remains true to the 'hands-on-minds-on' nature of the method that we all know and love.

Three key takeouts:

  • Brand new techniques to facilitate online shared model building
  • Inspiring graduate stories show the online techniques in use
  • Free downloads to get you up and running

We put a few pages below so you can get a feel for the contents.
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The book covers
Participant set-up
Harder and more important than it looks. Help your participants set up their online workspace before a workshop.

Shared model set-up
Learn how to set up your 'studio' for online shared model building, from basic to pro set-ups.

New skills build
See the additional digital platform skills build you can take your participants through.

Develop your 'Magic-hands©'
Learn how to be 'Magic-hands©' for online participants, also a COVID safe way to facilitate shared models face-to-face.
Facilitate 'Build-along©'
Learn how everyone in your workshop can create a shared model together, at the same time, in different locations.

COVID safe face-to-face
See how the online techniques can be used face-to-face to create shared models with just one pair of hands.

Eight graduate stories
See how people trained in these online techniques are using them in online and face-to-face workshops.

Additional Resources
Appendices have further resources including a sample workshop plan and a PDF download for participant set-up.
5 stars

Amazon reviews

By Sven S.

Making LEGO® Serious Play® pandemic-proof and applicable across Time Zones

Sean Blair and the SeriousWork community did it again! In their third book, Sean vividly proves how to facilitate high quality LEGO® Serious Play® workshops - online. I am stressing 'high quality' here because anyone can set up a Zoom meeting and put their LSP model in front of a webcam in under five minutes. Sean and the team, however, have compiled the playbook on how to make your online workshop a truly professional experience.

The book was written with the support of Jens Dröge who is a skilled facilitator/trainer himself. Most important, however, is the contribution of the SeriousWork community. This book was really written, reviewed, tested, tested again and tested some more by the community for the community.
By Guy1067

LEGO® Serious Play® is possible! This book shows you how

This is the book that makes what had effectively been considered the exception, both accessible and acceptable. Online LEGO Serious Play, particularly the building of shared models, is possible and should become part of every LSP facilitators toolbox. This much-needed addition sits easily alongside Sean's other excellent contributions to our understanding of the LEGO Serious Play methodology.

With his usual rigour and attention to detail Sean has brought together not only his own considerable insights and experience of online LSP, but also gathered together contributions from a wide range of LSP facilitators who generously share practical hints and tips.
By Joanna M.

Essential reading for all LEGO® Serious Play® facilitators in 2020 and onwards

This is not a book for those new to LEGO Serious Play, but for trained or experienced LEGO Serious Play facilitators looking for the keys to unlock working with the method online. With his characteristic precision and pursuit of excellence, Sean shares the intricate details of what is genuinely the gold standard of Online LEGO Serious Play.

I had the pleasure of participating in both an early experimental session, as well as Sean’s subsequent two-day training programme, and he really has strived to share everything he knows about online LEGO Serious Play within this book. Having said this, if you are serious about working online, there’s no substitute for the hands-on training.

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