LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitator Training Class
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitation Training and Certification


Develop your ONLINE LEGO® Serious Play® skills

You already know how to facilitate LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
All you need now are the new online techniques and skills to run remote workshops
This is a one day skills upgrade only for Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators

Be prepared to be surprised

The clever combination of
new Online LEGO Serious Play Shared Model Building techniques keeps shared model building true to the idea that LEGO Serious Play is a 'hands on, minds on’, 'best in 3D' method. In fact, it might surprise you, but overall, Online Shared Model Building is more hands-on than face-to-face LEGO Serious Play.

Seriously. We will be pleased to show you how and get you back in business.

The other main provider of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® training, (AMT) have been very clear they will not provide online training because they do not think it is possible. We respect their position but think they are wrong. Indeed we feel a responsibility to support graduates to upgrade their skills to the online environment.

Online LEGO Serious Play Training
Online LEGO Serious Play Training Upgrade
Virtual LEGO Serious Play Training Upgrade
Online LEGO Serious Play Training Course
LEGO Serious Play Online
LEGO Serious Play Online Upgrade
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Leg Godt

The word LEGO, is derived from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means "play well".

One of the upsides of Covid-19 has been new connections and new a new sense of community. So we are inviting you to play well with us as we teach you how to use the skills you already have in the online workspace.

Online Shared Model Facilitation
Take a 1 day online class
The objective of this online course is to enable you to design and facilitate online LEGO Serious Play workshops up to Build Level 2: Shared Model Building, also known as Application Technique 2.

We will demonstrate a live Shared Model build for a group of 6-8 participants, and invite other participants to first learn from observation, before the whole group reflects on practice.

In the afternoon session we will move into break outs to give up to 4 participants the chance to facilitate a Shared Model workshop, each with a group of up to 6 participants.

We will not cover LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® basics such as the traditional skills build so this course is ONLY open to people already trained / certified.

All welcome policy - provided you play well
You are welcome to join this training, no matter who originally trained you. Our 'Why' is to enable you to be a great LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator, F2F or online. That's it.

This course is practice based and facilitation centric. It teaches the online facilitation of Build Level 1: Individual Model Building with
a clear focus on Build Level 2: Shared Model Building.
The course covers:

+ Helping participants set up their workspace
+ Setting up your shared model build workspace
+ Additional technical considerations: lighting and cameras
+ How to use online tools
+ Overview of the
Online LSP skills build
+ The LEGO Serious Play facilitation fundamentals
+ Brick selection for Online Shared Model building
+ The new three part Online Shared Model building process
+ Learning through practice and participation in online shared model building
+ Designing workshops - online considerations

Participants will receive:

+ Digital copies of our two books:
SeriousWork and Mastering
+ A digital copy of our new book
+ Your certificate (digital, print copies available for admin & post fee if required)
Cost, dates & timezones

We will run our first training for our waitlist at a discounted rate of £400 plus VAT, £480 in total.
SeriousWork graduates will receive a 25% discount code.

The first training will be on *new date* 17 June 2020, and will be run from timezone UTC +1. (British Summer time).

Reserve your spot, go on waitlist


Our new, new book

How to Facilitate the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method ONLINE

How to Facilitate LEGO Serious Play Online
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With almost perfect comic timing, we published MASTERING The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method, a book focussed on face-to-face meetings and workshops, early in March 2020, about a week before global lockdown!

The ideas in 'MASTERING' are applicable in the online space, and we have learnt that online LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® needs additional approaches and techniques. So right now, we are writing a new book about online LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitation, and graduates of our online training will be the first to get copies.

For the next few months this will be published as a 'living book', the first edition is available for our graduates (see how it is shaping up above), and we will complete this book Q3 2020.

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