LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitator Training Class
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitation Training and Certification

#OnlineLSPNot a work around. An upgrade.

Online skills upgrade

Be prepared to be surprised

You already know how to facilitate LEGO® Serious Play®. All you need now are the new online techniques and skills to run remote workshops.

Online LEGO Serious Play has some serious advantages. It's COVID-19 safe and you can also use the techniques in face-to-face settings for #covidsafe LSP. #OnlineLSP brings people together to facilitate critical conversations in ways that only bricks can do. This saves the carbon costs of travel and these techniques will be valid long after the dark days of COVID-19.

This is a one day instructor led, skills upgrade that we have specifically created
only for already Certified LEGO Serious Play facilitators. You can thank us later.

Certified Facilitator of LEGO Serious Play

£400 plus VAT


Tried, tested and brilliant
Believe it

OnlineLSP is a unique upgrade to the method. Our
SERIOUSWORK trainer led classes have been successfully delivered over 50 times. ONLINE LEGO Serious Play is not the poor cousin of the face-to-face version, it has superpowers traditional LEGO Serious Play will never have including:

+ OnlineLSP is COVID safe
+ Shared model building is even more hands on with Build-Along©
+ OnlineLSP creates a better record of thinking
+ Zero travel carbon cost
+ Online techniques used F2F are COVID safer

The combination of new online LEGO Serious Play shared model building techniques keeps shared model building true to the idea that LEGO Serious Play is a 'hands on, minds on’, 'best in 3D' method. In fact, it might surprise you, but overall, online shared model building is more hands-on than face-to-face LEGO Serious Play.
See the course outline and flow >
Before, during and after training >
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1 Day, Online Upgrade LEGO Serious Play facilitation training
Learn to facilitate shared models online

To enable you to design and facilitate online LEGO Serious Play workshops up to Build Level 2: Shared Model Building, also known as Application Technique 2.

Course outline and flow

Before training
+ Receive your bricks via courier or post
+ Get access to Slack (more on that below). Optionally download books and pre-read
+ Setting up your workspace before training (a one-to-one 'tech check' with your trainer)
+ A digital whiteboard (Mural) homework task

During training
+ The online LEGO Serious Play skills build
+ Professional use of online tools, Zoom and Mural

+ Bricks as metaphors - even more important online
+ Different set ups for shared model building online
+ The new two part online shared model building process
+ Experience the online shared model build process
+ Practice cycle #1 online shared model build facilitation

+ Practice cycle #2 online shared model build facilitation
+ Questions that remain
+ Course learning, certification, next steps and close

After training
+ Lifetime access to our 'graduate only' Slack group
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Shared model building online

Shared models

Build together, remotely
A good question: How do people sitting in different locations build a shared model? We'll teach you clever ways to do this. Watch this video to see an example of a shared model built online from a past training. It also gives you a sense of what our trainings look and feel like towards the end of day two.
Watch a video from our training

The video below, recorded at the end of our two day online facilitation training course shows one of four shared models that had resulted from our trainees practicing the online LEGO Serious Play techniques we had taught.

LEGO Build Level 2: Shared Models
Learn new techniques


Your hands - but with magic
New online techniques you'll learn include how to be the 'Magic-hands©' and build shared models online. We'll teach you the clean-language questions and process to enable you to be participants hands as if they were in-the-room. Very powerful when combined the new 'Build-along©' technique.
More on new techniques

Read more about new techniques in an extract from our book ONLINE.

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The outputs


New two step process
We will teach you the new two step online shared model building process

Stage 1. Disaggregate, upload, summarise and prioritise
Stage 2. Facilitate with ’Magic-hands©’ & 'Build-along©'

In the screen grab of the Mural, you can see how the group built a shared model in stage 2 on the right, using the parts built in the individual stage 1 on the left. And because Zoom allows easy video recording, creating a record of a LEGO Serious Play workshop has never been so easy or effective. Superpower!
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Digital downloads

Instructions included

Cost includes our three books
450 pages of LEGO Serious Play wisdom, in three full colour books coming your way.

Our three books are the most highly rated on Amazon, they cover every aspect of planning, prep, delivery and follow up from face-to-face and online facilitation of individual and shared model based workshops.
The course manual

The latest thinking

Upgrade with the online pioneers
COVID-19 created the conditions for #OnlineLSP. We took the time and added the creative thinking to work out the steps needed to prepare (even more important online), design and deliver online workshops. The book covers:

  • Participant set-up
  • Shared model set-up
  • New skills build
  • Develop your 'Magic-hands©'
  • Facilitate 'Build-along©'
  • COVID safe face-to-face
  • Eight graduate stories
  • Templates and downloads

This class brings all these ideas to life.
Read more about this book
Online energy

7 hours

… of learning, and so you'll also learn how to hold and elevate a groups energy and attention for 7 hours online in one day.

#OnlineLSP Superpowers
+ #OnlineLSP is COVID safe
+ Zero travel carbon cost
+ Creates a better record of thinking
+ Shared models are more hands on with Build-Along©
+ Online techniques used F2F are COVID safer
+ Online meetings are better with bricks
Small classes

6 max

Small groups of maximum 6 people, mean you will be the facilitator. We take turns. You learn by doing.


Did someone say library? community? database?

Graduates only Slack access

Helping you become a better facilitator
An online Slack workspace is a community based website made up of channels, where people communicate, share knowledge and learn together.

We have a Slack workspace only for graduates of our training and your fee includes lifetime access to our group. You might think of as a huge library of knowledge specifically for trained LEGO Serious Play facilitators. This is a golden goose of a resource where we post far more than just tips on LSP, but help you a become better facilitator able to deliver gold standard workshops.
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LEGO Serious Play Graduate Slack Group #LEGOHacks
LEGO Serious Play Graduate Slack Group #Online Channel
Timezone and digital assets
It will run in the UK timezone from 9:00 to 17:30

Included in the cost you'll get:

+ Your digital certificate
+ Lifetime access to our Graduates only Slack group.

Welcome policy
We will not cover LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® basics such as the traditional skills build so this course is ONLY open to people already trained / certified.

You are welcome to join this training, no matter who originally trained you. Our 'Why' is to enable you to be a great LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator, F2F or online. That's it.
How to book your place

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Costs and booking

Each course has maximum of 6 people and cost £400 plus VAT (if applicable) £480 in total.

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