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LSP x Facilitation

Such a great feeling. It's the end of the meeting or workshop, and people are buzzing. The people have worked-together well, everyone has been heard and there is visible and tangible evidence of work done. The objectives have been met and there is a real sense of progress. This is how a professionally facilitated LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop feels at the end of the day.

This is the skill we teach. We teach you how to deliver outcomes not meetings.

Our LSP x Facilitation trainings are so much more than just LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. This is a facilitation training, and executive development training and a leadership development class that also uses LEGO Bricks, in creative and playful ways on deeply serious topics.

#Practice Based Learning

You learn to facilitate by facilitating
Practice based learning rules LEGO Serious Play

SeriousGlobal is like the Tesla of the LEGO Serious Play world. We didn't invent the car, but we have electrified the way people learn and improved from the traditional way the method is taught.

Our training is practice based, powered by
learners facilitating. You learn to facilitate by facilitating. Our classes are for professionals who want to deliver gold standard workshops. Be part of the future. Learn with the practitioners at the cutting edge.
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Small, medium or large?

Tshirt, sweater or coat?

Coach, business or first?
You might be asking yourself, why do they keep asking about options?!

Well, if you're thinking of attending a training you'd be wise to work out what you need. Do not buy a coat if you need a t-shirt. And because there are some lowscrupulant notters out there who will try to sell you coats because it suits their needs, you'll no doubt be relieved to find yourself here, with people who want you to have what you need.
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So before you enrol on a special forces training course, when all you wanted was to know a bit about self defence… ask yourself two questions:
1. How big will the groups I plan to work with be?
2. How many hours or days do I expect most of my LEGO Serious Play workshops will be?
One-to-one or very small groups. Most meetings or workshops will be an hour or so.
Different sized groups, small and large. Workshops usually half a day or a day.
> Most take this training.
Different sized groups. Workshops will include multi-day strategic assignments.
Learn Build Level 1
Facilitation of individual models
Build Level 1 facilitation skills:
Enhance communication on any issue. Develop ideas, build trust in teams. Manage staff, set goals, offer feedback. Mentor and coach.
LEGO Serious Play Facilitator Training
Explore, discuss and agree values and behaviours. Unlock individual and group communication and learning on any topic.
Learn Build Level 2
Facilitation of shared model building
Build Level 2 facilitation skills:
Create common understanding on shared concerns. Develop shared vision and goals, shared plans, strategies and mental models.
LEGO Serious Play Training
Build teams, communicate and innovate. Use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitation to create deeper agreement processes.
Learn Build Level 3
Facilitation of system model building
Build Level 3 facilitation skills:
Create and use scenarios to explore dynamic systems and 'real time strategy'. Understand change forces and develop simple guiding principles.
LEGO Serious Plat Facilitator Training
Model, analyse and redesign processes and systemsHelp others understand how external and internal factors influence goals.
Foundation training
LEGO Serious Play Build Level 2
Build level 2 Online
Build level 2 Classroom
Advanced training
LEGO Serious Play Build Level 3
Advanced training
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