LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitator Training Class
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitation Training and Certification

Learn LEGO® Serious Play®x Education

Constructivism. The theory in practice.

Literally building knowledge

You know when your students are engaged or not.

So what if what was once seen as 'only a toy' could be used in another way to visibly construct new knowledge, whilst also surfing off the back of the very best of play-theory?

There is so much more power in a plastic LEGO brick than most realise. Properly harnessed, educational innovators can help learners literally construct, retain and socialise new knowledge whilst engaging the learners mind and body to explore the subject-at-hand in a playful and creative way.

We think the new techniques we have created for LEGO Serious Play in the classroom could be our most important work on the development of the LEGO Serious Play method so far.

Calling educational innovators!

Certified Facilitator of LEGO Serious Play x Education

A special educational price of £900 plus VAT if applicable
The first two trainings (book at the bottom of the page) have a 25% discount for all participants. £675 plus VAT

#Hacked. For Classrooms.

Become a certified Teacher-Facilitator

LEGO Serious Play was invented over 20 years ago in the Swiss 'IMD Business School' by Professors Roos and Victor. It was intended as a method for corporate strategy applications. Picture small groups of seniors executives working in multi-day workshops.

The learning and education is so different, and therefore LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® needed hacking to work with much younger people (including primary or early years learners). As well as adapting to work in shorter, typically one hour sessions.

We have also coined a new term, the "teacher-facilitator". This role needs to pivot between imparting knowledge in the role of a teacher, to then facilitating the learners to (literally) build their own knowledge. We will tach you how to elegantly move between these roles.
See the course outline and flow > Before, during and after training >
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2 Day, Classroom based LEGO Serious Play teacher-facilitator training
Learn to facilitate face-to-face workshops

Course outline and flow

Before Training
+ Joining Instructions and logistics
+ Access to Circle Community and access Reading material on:
- Introduction to the LEGO Serious Play method
- LEGO Serious Play & Education: Start with Why
+ Forum: What are your personal objectives for this workshop?

During Training Day 1
+ The LEGO Serious Play Skills Build
+ Reflections: Where Process meets Pedagogy
+ Experience LEGO Serious Play first as a learner
+ Reflections on LEGO Serious Play and learning
+ Practice Cycle #1 Individual Model facilitation
+ Reflections: How might you use this in your own context?
+ Build Level 1.5: Socialise learning with limited time
+ Reflections: How would you make Build Level 1.5 work for you?
+ Introduce lesson design framework
+ Practice Cycle #2 Practice-based learning : Co-facilitate your planned session
+ Reflections: WWW and EBI

During Training Day 2
+ Review of learning from Day One
+ Build Level 2 Overview
+ Practice Cycle #3 Shared Model facilitation
+ Reflection: BL2
+ Introduce modular planning tool for workshop planning and ‘unit building’
+ Challenge: Plan a learning experience
+ Practice Cycle #4 Present the session plans for feedback and co-facilitate
+ Questions that remain
+ Course Learning, certification, next steps and close

After Training
+ Lifetime access to our 'graduate only' Circle community, Inner Circle'

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The course manual

The latest thinking

Take your class with the pioneers
We literally 'wrote the book' on how to use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in schools, colleges and Universities. The book covers ten use cases and provides ten example plans that you can download as Word documents and edit for your own use.

Not only will you leave this case with your own copy of Building Better Learning, but you'll also plan your first use-case during the class.

We have hacked LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for impromptu use and as part of planed units of study. You'll also learn more traditional 'corporate' application of the method as an organisation development tool.
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We wrote the books, you can now own them

Instructions included

The price also includes our other three books
450 pages of LEGO Serious Play wisdom, in three full colour books coming your way.
We are the only trainers in the world to have written
four books on the method. SERIOUSWORK is now a 4th edition and has over 180 global ratings on Amazon plus average review score of 4.5.

MASTERING and ONLINE, both published in 2020 have over 70 global ratings on Amazon and an average score of 4.9. Did we mention we're the pioneers of ONLINE LEGO Serious Play? You will get a copy of that too.
Focused and intensive
15 hours
This class is two full days, 09.00-18:00. 18 hours classroom time and 15 hours learning. High quality venues and food included.
Learn with peers
The first of these trainings will have a class size of 16 people max. Sixteen other teachers to learn from :)
Your certificate will look a bit like…
As the only practice-based trainings these certificates are the highest value on offer. Click to see a big one.
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Did someone say library? community? database?

Graduates level Circle access

Helping you become a better facilitator
Graduates get graduate level access to our *new *online Circle community, where people communicate, share knowledge and learn together.

This is a meeting space for our new series of events, a library of knowledge for trained LEGO Serious Play facilitators and a new Micro-modules learning space to learn latest techniques. This is a golden goose of a resource where we post far more than just tips on LEGO Serious Play, but help you a become better facilitator able to deliver gold standard workshops. Your fee includes lifetime access to graduate level access of our Circle community.
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Book your place

When do you want to attend?

Each class has maximum of 8 people and cost £1200
We are listing them from August 2023 with early bird discount at a cost of £995 plus VAT (if applicable) £1194 in total.

Please note, you will need to provide evidence that you are an educator, teacher or lecturer to attend this training.

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More payment options. To pay a 50% deposit, use a different currency or pay by bank transfer, please email your chosen course / date to the lovely Helen@Serious.Global who will organise your payment the way you want.

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