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How to facilitate meetings and workshops using the LEGO® Serious Play® method
The 4th edition was published in October 2020, with a new preface and new typesetting throughout

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Our first book, now in its fourth edition is available in English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Korean. In all languages it has over 200 global ratings on Amazon with an average review score of 4.5.

SeriousWork explains what the LEGO Serious Play method is and shows you how LEGO Serious Play meetings and workshops are facilitated.

Three key takeouts:

  • Facilitation is a leadership mindset. LEGO Serious Play is a tool that facilitative leaders can use with great effect.
  • Learn from five detailed applications of LEGO Serious Play in use.
  • Download free of charge a chunky set of resources including sample workshop plans, explainer boards, templates, method cards and guides to get you going.

We put a 74 pages below so you can get a feel for the contents.
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The book covers
An introduction to the method
An overview of what LEGO Serious Play is and where it is typically used.

Participatory leadership
Be a participatory leader with the LEGO Serious Play method.

Covers five applications
Detailed workshop plans for:
  • Skills building
  • Goal Setting
  • Idea Generation
  • Team Building
  • Team Vision
  • Values & Behaviours

Case studies and stories
Practical advice, tips and stories from eleven professional facilitators from around the world.

How to learn more
Understand the skills unique to the LEGO Serious Play method and how to develop them.

Additional downloads
Links to downloads example plans, explainer boards and other useful resources.

SERIOUSWORK is for professionals who meet
For executives, consultants, managers, designers and leaders of all types of meeting.

120 global ratings. 4.5 stars.

Amazon reviews of SERIOUSWORK

By James

An excellent book written by a master of meetings

This! Is an excellent book written by someone who has mastered how to lead a truly effective meeting. If you are curious about LSP (lego serious play) it will blow your mind and unlock individual and collective potential.
By Alex

A much-needed and welcome addition to the literature on Lego Serious Play

An excellent introduction to the Lego Serious Play methodology and how it can be applied within workshop and meeting settings. Having read Kristiansen & Rasmussen's Building a Better Business using the Lego Serious Play Method which focuses more on the theory which underpins LSP methodology, I had many questions about the practicalities of LSP, which led me on a search to find out more and quickly led me to this book. I'm glad it did.

The book provides a concise overview of what LSP is and its broad applications and sufficient theory without resorting to the sort of academic depth that may turn off many readers, before moving into the practicalities - the main focus of the book. For example, the book details what lego bricks you need, suggested workshop schedules together with facilitator and room set-up notes…

Read the full review on
By B E Mizen

A practical book that will have you heading for your box of bricks

The book is well laid out, clear and easy to read with really good images... It describes the basics of LSP throughly and is far better than the open source documents you can find online. The authors take time to explain things in a way that doesn't patronise the reader... this is useful as and more importantly provides a practical structure that any facilitator will value.

I really valued the section on the mindset of the facilitator as participative and how we should have "Outcomes not meetings". This was a complete bonus and not something I had expected at all. The workshop outlines are excellent and written from the perspective of a facilitator which means they are practical and usable. I will be adapting some of these into my workshops! The case studies and advice from other practitioners make this a "can do" book! Lastly, the access to online resources is really handy too!
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