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Free to join, our aim is to share stories and insights to help the community develop its professional practice and grow in size.

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To join fill in the form below, tell us a bit about yourself then you'll then have access to our members area and can download a preview of SeriousWork and other LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® resources.

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After you join, if you have a story about LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, a tip to help other facilitators, or an idea that will help improve professional practice, we'll invite you to share this via our blog.

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If the community has the desire, we'll convene a face-to-face knowledge exchange once a year, we think the first in the UK in Spring 2018.

*We're working on our membership model, right now. But consider our four levels of belonging to the Serious.Global community.* 'Tribes'- just a way of working out how experienced you think you are. Select the tribe you feel you belong to, there are no wrong answers!

Bronze: Leaders. Professionals. Researchers.
We are intrigued about the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and want to know more about what it is, how it works and how we could use it.

Silver: Practitioners
We are actively involved in delivering LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops and developing our skills though practice or attending training programmes. We might have been trained or hold a certification, regardless we are building a track-record of practice based competency.

Gold: Competency Certified SeriousWork facilitators
We have been trained in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and have passed a peer-reviewed competency based certification process.
(at October 2016, there is no competency certification, only certificates of completion. We are developing the competency framework)

Platinum: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® thought leaders.
If you are one of these please say how in the interest or objective field or
contact Sean and lets talk!
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SeriousWork partners and members embody the values of respect, openness, inclusion.

All paths to your current skill level are valid, we make no judgement on who trained you or how you came to be here, today right now, in this moment. Think future, not past.
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