LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitator Training Class
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitation Training and Certification


Online LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitation Training

This is a hidden webpage that allows our patient waitlist first access to new trainings dates for our two day, Build Level 2 Online LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitation training

Certified Facilitator of LEGO Serious Play Build Build Level 2
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Shared Model Facilitation
Take a 2 day online class
This course is run in groups of maximum 6 participants. It is practice based and facilitation centric. It teaches the online facilitation of Build Level 1: Individual Model Building and Build Level 2: Shared Model Building.

The course covers:

+ How to use online tools
+ Helping participants set up a workspace
+ The Online LEGO Serious Play skills build
+ The LEGO Serious Play facilitation fundamentals
+ Designing workshops
+ Objective setting, build and reflection question design
+ Setting up a shared model build workspace
+ Additional technical considerations: lighting and cameras
+ Brick selection for online shared model building
+ The new three part Online Shared Model building process
+ Practice. Lots of practice of the facilitation skills we teach :)
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Supporting the NHS - 100% discount training

If LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® can help improve communication in the NHS at this difficult time in please email us, from your NHS email account to apply for a free spot. If we can help we'd love too. #NHSheros
Participants will receive:

+ Six Windows
Exploration kit of bricks
+ One 32x32 Stud Baseplate
+ Digital copies of our two books:
SeriousWork and Mastering
+ A digital copy of our new book (see below)
+ Lifetime access to our graduates-only Slack group
+ Your certificate. A proper one. Paper. Embossing. A cover. :)
Note: April 2020. Delivery to some parts of the world from the UK have been suspended due to Covid-19. If you are affected by this we will communicate with you about bricks for training, and will send your kits once travel has reopened.
Cost, dates & timezones

We are running our next block of trainings for our waitlist at a discounted rate of £1000 plus VAT, £1200 in total.

Public trainings are available at £1400 plus VAT £1680 in total. The comparable face-to-face 2 day class based training costs £1999 inc. VAT.

To reserve your spot please select your date and pay for your place.
Train with Sean
These courses will be run from London, which is in time zone UTC +1, also known as BST (British Summer Time). We had a participant from New Zealand on our last training who worked the night shift :)

27-28 May 2020
In English with trainer Sean

2-3 June 2020
In English with trainer Sean

10-11 June 2020
In English with trainer Sean

Online FAQ…

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  • Does the Online training and content cover both ONLINE and CLASS BASED workshops?
    Good question! Both of our two day classes (online and face-to-face) teach participants how to facilitate LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Build Level 1 - Individual Model Building and Build Level 2 - Shared Model Building, BUT in different environments.

    The direct answer to this question is no. The online class includes specific skills needed to facilitate LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® online. The face-to-face class includes specific skills needed to facilitate LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® with a group in the same room.

    Both trainings are based on the core LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® ideas, each with a focus on teaching you how to facilitate given the needs, constraints and opportunities of different environments.
  • Will I be trained and skilled to perform both online and face-to-face facilitation after taking an online class?
    The online training does not cover specific techniques we teach face-to-face, equally, the face-to-face training does not cover techniques we teach online!

    Face-to-face workshop facilitation is extensively covered in our book ‘
    MASTERING’ (which you will get a free digital copy of). So, if you do your homework, and are already a confident facilitator you will be able to apply what you learn in an online training in face to face workshops.

    But let's be clear, online and face to face delivery need specific skills and therefore the two trainings are slightly different.
  • What is the difference between Individual and Shared model Facilitation?
    Build Level 1 - Individual Model Building is when people work alone to build models
    Build Level 2 - Shared Model Building is when groups work together to build common ideas.

    You can see more about the difference
    here, and in our book preview here.
  • I’ve noticed that you’ve increased price since I was waitlisted. Can I access the course based on price on the day I was waitlisted?
    Online LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is new and we have been piloting and refining our approach to teaching online facilitation. We have created new techniques and pioneered shared model building online, and even though we do say so ourself, our new approach is remarkably effective :)

    When we published our first trainings were clear that these were heavily discounted because they were our first ones!

    As at April 26 we are releasing our next set of training dates to our waitlist, these are also discounted. The comparable face-to-face 2 day class based training costs £1999 inc. VAT.

    New bookings will have to pay the list price at the time of booking (unless you work for the NHS, in which case you can train for free).
  • What happens if the course I want is already fully booked?
    The places for sale on this page are limited, and should the courses be fully booked you next option will be to attend a public training.
  • I have another question!
    If you have a question not answered here, please drop an email and we will get back to you. Thank you :)

Our new, new book

How to Facilitate the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method ONLINE

How to Facilitate LEGO Serious Play Online
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With almost perfect comic timing, we published MASTERING The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method, a book focussed on face-to-face meetings and workshops, early in March 2020, about a week before global lockdown!

The ideas in 'MASTERING' are applicable in the online space, and we have learnt that online LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® needs additional approaches and techniques. So right now, we are writing a new book about online LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitation, and graduates of our online training will be the first to get copies.

For the next few months this will be published as a 'living book', the first edition is available for our graduates (see how it is shaping up above), and we will complete this book Q3 2020.

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